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Certified and Compliant Cleaning Services for Schools

Cleaning in schools comes with several challenges, mainly because most students don’t care for sanitization and cleanliness. Instead, they are rightfully more concerned with their lessons than with the cleanliness of their classroom.
When cleaning a school, we aim to create a spotless learning environment and limit the spread of germs. The positions in schools where the most germs are detected are a little shocking. For example, bathrooms are less likely to be a germ hotspot because they are cleaned more often, while cafeteria trays and desktops are far more likely to be a source of substantial germ transfer.
We will collaborate with your school facility to keep these areas as safe as possible so that your staff and students can go to work and school without missing a class.

We Provide Exceptional School Cleaning Services

Cleaning thoroughly for the health and well-being of your teachers and students is a time-consuming process. We’ll take care of your educational facility from top to bottom, ensuring that every surface looks amazing and doesn’t lead to the spread of illness. Some of our school cleaning services are:

Shampooing and spot treating carpets, chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning, dusting and mopping of hard-to-reach areas, interior and exterior window cleaning, stripping, waxing, and buffing floor, and much more.
We are also proud of our commitment to all of the little cleaning information that adds up to make a huge difference. All flat surfaces, such as kickboards, baseboards, windowsills, and under the counters, will be dusted as part of our operation. We will also sanitize telephones and wipe down shelves, appliances, countertops, and clear cobwebs and wipe down all high-touch surfaces, including light switches, student desks, and door handles.

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At One Heart, we provide professional and reliable school cleaning services at affordable pricing. Our team of professional home cleaners understands all the nitty-gritty associated with the school and then puts immense effort into making the space clean and tidy. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to witness exceptional school cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hardwood floor maintenance, green cleaning practices, general cleaning of classrooms, hallways, offices, gymnasium, playrooms, break rooms, and auditorium. Disinfection of all restroom surfaces, regular floor maintenance for carpets and hard floors, and many more.
We accept all debit/credit cards, cheques, and cash. Payment is due at the time of services; we require a debit/credit card on file to secure your booking.
At One Heart, we have professional cleaners who use the latest technology to provide the best commercial cleaning services. We first listen to our clients' requirements carefully and then perfectly meet their needs. Not only that, we can help you have a customized school cleaning plan according to your budget and cleaning requirements.

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