Post Construction Cleaning

Cleaning Specials!
$69 1 Bed
1 Bath
$99 Up to 3 Bed
2 Bath

Post Construction Cleaning to Get Your Building Ready for Business

Our experts will clean and ready your new property for move-in and set-up after your construction is finished with our post-construction cleaning services. One Heart will ensure that your new commercial building is welcoming, clean, and comfortable, regardless of your chosen services. And we work closely with contractors and other service technicians to ensure that your schedules and deadlines are met since we recognize that construction can be unpredictable.
With our post-construction cleaning services, we make sure that your commercial property is all-neat and clean. At One Heart Properties, we pay attention even to little details such as horizontal ledges, light fixtures, baseboards, trims and to minimize building and drywall dust and improve cleanliness. You turn the key, and you are ready for business after we’ve cleaned every nook and cranny.

Our Commitment to Better Cleaning

Your newly built home project should be handled with the care it deserves, whether it’s a new addition, a refurbished floor, or minor cosmetic improvements. When it comes to cleaning, one must be careful about the chemicals used, as some of them can react negatively with certain surfaces or materials. To ensure your new project is handled with the utmost care, the cleaning experts at One Heart are equipped with the expertise and green cleaning chemicals. Our products are non-toxic and safe for use by the whole family. They work just as well but are free of allergens and irritants, as are their chemical counterparts. Our house cleaning team is also operated by a quality partner who ensures they have a 100 percent customer service guarantee on our products.

Advanced and Professional Cleaning Process

We are so much more than just the average service of a cleaner. To guarantee our customers the best possible cleanliness, we go above and beyond. Unlike others, we have comprehensive programs to ensure a job as extensively as we can. Our cleaning solutions for One Heart Technics® include HEPA filtration vacuums approved by the American Lung Association, and our MR Shield® Germ and Odor Neutralization device removes odors and 99.99 percent of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get the job done correctly, cleaning professionals always come armed with the right equipment and materials. However, being as straightforward and precise in your job description is always a good idea to ensure that nothing important is lost or overlooked. You can still have your own if you have special cleaning equipment that you want the practitioner to use.
At One Heart, we have professional cleaners who use the latest technology to provide the best commercial cleaning services. We first listen to our clients' requirements carefully and then perfectly meet their needs. Not only that, we can help you have a customized cleaning plan according to your budget and cleaning requirements.
It depends on the cleaning plan you are choosing. Get in touch with our experts to know more.

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