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One Heart Provides Exceptional One-Time Cleaning Services

Throwing a party or hosting out-of-town guests at home are occasions when you may need one-time cleaning services. It is also possible that you have recently been busier than usual and could use a helping hand to tackle a cleaning project. At One Heart, we have trained and experienced cleaners who will provide the best deep one-time cleaning services efficiently and timely.

Whether it’s move-in/move-out cleanups or a special occasion cleaning, our cleaning experts will save your valuable time and have your home look and smell fresh in no time. Our cleaning pros have the experience and training to provide even the toughest messes with a detailed cleaning. One Heart Properties tracking program even measures the outcomes to keep our employees accountable and ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Our One-Time Services are Perfect for:
Apartment move-outs
Holiday gathering, pre-party and post-party cleanups
Total home deep cleans
Construction project cleanups
Small business, and more
Reasons to Hire Our One-Time Cleaning Services 
We understand that when people hire us for a one-time cleaning, they rely on us to get the job done correctly in one shot. We guarantee that with managers inspecting work for quality assurance, a highly qualified team and eco-friendly cleaning solutions can achieve maximum results. We’ve been making customers happy for several years and can’t wait to show you why our one-time cleaning services are trusted nationwide.
Highly trained cleaners
Excellent customer reviews
Usage of Best-quality and safe cleaning products
Several years of experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Although personal preference and other factors can affect when cleaning should be done, we have noticed that most individuals use one-time cleaning for four times yearly. Doing so helps get rid of grime, dust, dirt, and other buildups that are not addressed by routine cleaning. Here is when you should go for one-time cleaning:

  • Dust builds up quickly

  • When allergies become severe

  • Pile of grime, scale, dirt

  • Hard surfaces look dirty, dull, and old

The one-time cleanup duration depends on the complexity of a job and the state of the room. Our trained and knowledgeable teams are ready to get the job in no time without losing the quality of their service. For starters, within just a few hours of arrival, we can finish cleaning a large house. To ensure our work will please even the most discerning eyes, we use the best tools, materials, and quality standards!

  • Bedroom, living room, common areas – clean all floor surfaces, dust all accessible surfaces, take out garbage and recycling and wipe down all glass fixtures and mirrors

  • Kitchen – wipe down exterior of fridge, oven, and stove, empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes, and clean floor surfaces

  • Bathrooms – wash and sanitize the shower, sink, toilet, and tub, dust, and clean floor and surfaces

  • Extras - laundry wash & dry, inside cabinets, interior windows, and inside fridge

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