Multi-unit complexes

Cleaning Specials!
$69 1 Bed
1 Bath
$99 Up to 3 Bed
2 Bath

Deep and Professional Cleaning for Multi-Unit Properties

Our Expert Cleaners Provide Professional And Deep Cleaning For Multi-Unit Properties

We spend a considerable amount of time at home or in our apartments. It’s where we feel most at ease and where we spend the most time decorating to reflect our styles and personalities. And if it isn’t washed correctly, it can have a negative effect on our mood and health. Your house, on the other hand, can be returned to the safe and fresh atmosphere you crave with One Heart Properties. We are the leading cleaning company that can tailor our services to your particular needs, whether you have a multi-story house, a small apartment, or a vacation rental.

For homeowners, tenants, and anyone who needs their home to look and feel its best, we offer floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, and other services. We use high-quality cleaning products, including strong green cleaners and advanced deep cleaning techniques to target bacteria and germs in their hiding places. Our cleaning and disinfecting services can help to keep your home and its inhabitants safe.

Multi-Family Housing

We will analyze your multi-family home or apartment complex to create a cleaning schedule customized to your particular needs and budget. When tenants leave, we will clean and sanitize the apartment or rental property quickly and thoroughly so that it’s ready for new tenants.
We’ll give your floors the attention they deserve when it comes to cleaning. Count on One Heart to get the job done, whether it’s washing the carpet in your living room or scrubbing the tile and grout in your bathroom. We’ll talk about your cleaning requirements and come up with a plan that suits your needs and schedule.

Trust Our Best Cleaning Services

You have a lot on your plate throughout the day, and keeping up with your cleaning can be difficult. On the contrary, getting behind on it will result in less-than-ideal conditions, such as the spread of germs and bacteria within your home and family. Our cleaning experts will take care of all of your duties, allowing you to concentrate on other items. Nowadays, keeping a clean and disinfected home is key to leading a safe life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have hundreds of experienced and professional cleaners to serve you the best cleaning services. Based on the date, time, and details provided – we assign the expert cleaning professional available. Not only that, if you are looking for a specific cleaner, we will make sure to give the task to them.
We are proud to be known as one of the most affordable cleaning professionals. Our deep cleaning services' cost depends on the size of your home and which area you'd like to get cleaned.
No. If you have supplies that you would want us to use, that's great. If not, you don't have to worry. Please make sure that you provide clear instructions when making a booking with us. Our experts will bring their tried and tested cleaning products to whip your place to give the best cleaning services.

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