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Residential Cleaning Services

One Heart provides the best Residential Cleaning Services in Nashville.

With the kids around, isn’t your house always a mess? Or maybe you juggle between two jobs and maintain the house seems impossible? Whatever the problem is, when it comes to residential cleaning, we provide the best solution with our dedicated professionals working seamlessly hard to make your living space healthy, hygienic and clean.


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For people who have little time on hands and are unable to keep their house well maintained, we provide affordable cleaning services for them. Deep residential cleaning services include thorough cleaning of your house including scrubbing off the floors to removing webs from the corner. 

And not just this, at the end of our cleaning session, we make sure to disinfect the place so you and your family can come to a healthy living space of your own.
With One Heart properties, we take care of all your cleaning needs. We are always up for lending you a helping hand in times of urgency. If you have little time on hand and the house a complete mess, sit back, call us and relax.

Our maids will quickly reach your home and get done with the cleaning before your guests arrive. Hence, rather than exhausting yourself over the housing mess, avail the best same-day cleaning services by us.
Although our maids are trained in conducting their services with extreme caution, in case of an accident, we take full responsibility for their action. And hence, we’ll either get the thing repaired or replace it.
Residential cleaning means cleaning your house which may include scrubbing of furniture, carpet, windows etc, depending on the type of service you choose.

On the other hand commercial cleaning including cleaning of places that cater to a larger group of people including offices, multiplexes, medical facilities etc. any building that is open to the public and needs cleaning falls under our commercial cleaning services.
When the season changes, it is time for your house to prepares for it! Our spring cleaning services include helping you de-clutter the mess around the house, clean cabinets, vacuum the carpets and remove dust from the windows. 

We try our best to clean every corner of the house so you can open up the windows and let the sunshine of spring peep in.
Our cleaning costs can be calculated using two methods: one we charge according to the area of the place (per square feet) and second is the hourly rate of our maids.

The price depends on the package you choose, but we try our best to be the most affordable cleaning service provider in the market.