Natural Home Cooling with Cleaning Tips

Natural Home Cooling with Cleaning Tips

Thanks to global warming caused by humans and their way of life, summertime around the globe are certainly becoming hotter. And since there is a minimum ozone layer to keep the masses safe from burning under the scorching heat, you thankfully have an air conditioner to keep you cool.

Oh, did the electricity bill just threw you off the floor? To keep yourself cool during summers, AC is nothing less than a blessing but the more you use it, the more is your bill that needs to be paid off.

So, what can you do then? One Heart, the best cleaning company in Nashville suggests its clients find an alternative method to keep their surroundings cool and comfy!

What Alternative Options Do You Have?

What Alternative Options Do You Have

One Heart has been serving people for a long time, cleaning their houses to make them safe for flourishing families.

And in our journey throughout the years, we’ve seen people not privileged enough to afford an air conditioner. Thus, this is where our cleaning solution provider learned about passive cooling, an alternative to air conditioners.

So, if you wish to save on your electricity yet beat the heat, learn the tricks of passive cooling to chill out.

How to use passive cooling to reduce the temperature in your home and spend less on-air conditioning?

How to use passive cooling to reduce the temperature in your home and spend less on-air conditioning

Little do people know that you do not need an air conditioner switched on 24×7 to keep the place cool and comfy. You can, of course, opt for passive cooling methods, which we must agree are very clever and hence, work wonders!

Having said that, if you are looking for Nashville professional cleaning services, contact On Heart only!

What we suggest is to prep yourself for the long summer, but hiring us, the top cleaning company in Nashville for residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services.

Once we are done with the deep cleaning of the place, be it an office, residence, or any other commercial building, next is to try out the different passive cooling methods and see which one works the best for you.

Hence, here are the most popular ways that you might give a try:
  • Install a shade around the house to block off the heat. You can use any durable material to cover walls that are more exposed to direct sunlight and help keep them cool.
  • Paint the walls with a lighter shade like white or light pink on the outside so that it absorbs less heat.
  • If you get a chance, plant trees or grows trees around the house as these natural beings not only reflect heat but also manage to provide you with shade, ensuring to keep the place cooled off for long.
  • Open the windows at night to allow the cool breeze to take a stride.
  • Cover the roof with an insulating material or paint it in a lighter shade.

Generally speaking, deep cleaning of the resident and commercial building is necessary before a new season takes over. If you wish to keep the windows open for cross-ventilation, which of course helps in cooling off the place, hire our general house cleaning services in Nashville for the best home cleaning so the air you breathe is fresh and healthy.

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 Affordable Cleaning Located in Nashville, TN

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