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Commercial Cleaning Services

A clean office environment means healthy employees and greater profits. Hence, when your janitors out on a holiday, call in our cleaning experts to give your office floor and walls the shine they deserve.

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The price completely depends on the area being covered or for how many hours have you hired our maids for. Thus, for a bigger area to be cleaned, the prices go up high and same goes for the working hours.
If so is the case, we will inform you before-hand. We’ll be happy to re-schedule it and move forward with the new commitment as per your requirement. Our utmost responsibility to satisfy our customers!
If so is the case, call us within 24 hours and we’ll send our team to re-clean the area.
We take pride in our team of hardworking cleaners who go to every extent to give you highly satisfying results. Moreover, the professionals we have onboard are well equipped with tools and kit that help them clean the commercial building or area thoroughly and also disinfect it, making it safe for you and others to use.
Yes, they always are! Our priority is the safety of our experts and thus, when sending them off to such risky tasks, we make sure they are well-equipped and keep a close eye on their safety.
Although our workers try to be super careful in their cleaning spree, in case something important breaks, we either try to repair it or replace the item with a new one. We take full accountability for our maid’s action, every time!