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10 Home Organizing Mistakes to Avoid

A clean and organized is what everyone loves. Imagine coming to a perfectly laid outhouse with no “extra” stuff lying around and spotlessly clean. Sounds amazing, right?

No matter how organized you are or love doing it, a little too much of everything can be bad. Confused, are you? What we mean is that sometimes when your organizing the house, ladies or even men tend to go over-board, and hence, rather than making their space breathable, you end up only cluttering the place with unnecessary stuff!

Special Booking for Home Cleaning

Special Booking for Home Cleaning

Did you order more organizers? Are you planning to build more cabinets around the house? If so, just stop right there!

Although buying more organizers or related items may seem like a good option to keep your house organized, but it isn’t, believe us on it!

Sustainable Home Organization Tips

One Heart has been providing cleaning solutions for the longest time. Being the best cleaning solutions provider, we know what we are talking about! Thus, here are the 10 mistakes that you should avoid during spring housecleaning:

1. Declutter

Before you order more stuff, go through your old belongings and give away the unwanted items. Did you find a stash of old jewelry? Are there old clothes in the wardrobe that you do not use anymore?

Donate all the things that you do not need! This way not only will you be helping those in need but also clearing up space for accommodating new stuff. Remember, decluttering is important because like you, your house too need its space to breathe!

2. Categorize Items

Are your cabinets overflowing with stuff, both important and unwanted? When your cabinets and cupboards are unorganized, it can be difficult to find a thing in the moment of need.

So, what can you do? Categorize items accordingly! Fix a shelf for ready-to-made meals while the other half of the kitchen cabinet for spices. Buy a basket to organize your laundry items and another one to keep the children’s snacks well stacked in place.

With jars and baskets named according to the category, you’ll never lose anything from sight.

3. Say No to Organizers

Do you already have a few good organizers that have proved to be quite handy before? Then stick to the number and do not purchase more. One of the best kitchen cleaning tips that our professionals give to the clients is to keep it “minimum”.

You do not need a lot of organizers to manage your stuff. Thus, keep it simple and minimum to save space.

4. Take Your Time

we at One Heart understanding organizing the house or maintaining it can be pretty overwhelming. Thus, all we say is to take your time. Do not stress yourself over organizing the house within a day.

Rather, pick a room and work on it and move to the other one the next day. And just in case you don’t find the time to do so, you can hire us for professional home cleaning services in Nashville.

5Separate the Daily Ware

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to mix their daily ware with stuff that is used once in a blue moon. This way, when your drawers are completely organized and you cannot find the wooden spoon while cooking, you’ll end up making a mess.

The same goes for clothes and other household items!

So, one of the best home cleaning ideas given to our clients by us is that keep the daily ware and routine items within sight. Install hooks on the walls where you could hang spoons or clothes that you use regularly.

Believe us, this way you’ll be saving a lot of time, energy and space!

6. Shop Wisely

We know how much ladies love shopping especially when it comes to decorating their cozy, personal place. But sometimes you need to stop yourself from buying unnecessary stuff.

Our Nashville house cleaners have seen houses crammed with stuff that looks forced upon. If you’ve already added a rug and a few pots in your lounge, there is no need to buy more plants or cushions.

Hence, when you are tempted to shop for things that look super attractive, stop and ask yourself whether you need it or not. your house needs space to breathe. The fewer things you have, the spacious it will look, thus adding to the comfort of living in it.

7. Unaware of How to Organize

Even if you think you are good at organizing things, you might not be! Thus, this is where you should hire professional help.

We at One Heart provide the best home cleaning service. moreover, our general house cleaning services in Nashville are one of the most affordable ones too.

Once you contact us through the best cleaning website, One Heart, we’ll be quick in sending our professionals your way. Furthermore, our cleaning experts are equipped with the right tools and knowledge that will help you organize better.

8. Not Using Hooks

Organizing the place does not necessarily mean cramming the shelves and cabinets with things. Rather, the better way to do is to drill hooks into the walls and hang as many items there without overstuffing your cupboards.

9. Forgetting to Measure the Space

Are you excited to buy a new bookshelf or a TV? If yes, then measure your wall or space before purchasing anything.

This way, you’ll know what size do you need to buy rather than wasting energy on pushing a larger item into place it wasn’t meant for.

10. Do not Over Stack

While stacking is a good idea to save space, do not go up too high or else it’ll be difficult to reach the top jar. Rather, use a shelf riser to make the cupboards and shelves more organized with things remaining in easy reach.

In short, avoid the above mistakes and we promise, you’ll feel more organized and fall in love with every inch of the house. And in case you need assistance, experts at One Heart are available 24×7!

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